In our experience, if you child says they are ready for sleep away camp, they are ready. You can help a child who says they are ready by letting them know you are confident that they can succeed at camp.

There are lots of ways you can communicate with your child at camp. We still encourage the old fashioned letter. Children love getting real mail, and many alumni talk about the letters they received from their parents while they were at camp as prized possessions. You can also e-mail your child at camp, and your child can send you hand written responses to your e-mail with a special service that we use. We also have a parent phone call and visiting day each session.

Berkshire Hills has a great Health Center. Our doctors and nurses can take care of most of the health care issues that arise at camp. If your child needs additional care, we have relationships with local specialists and area hospitals.

Camp food is very child friendly, so most children enjoy most meals. We have an assortment of cereal at breakfast and a full salad bar at lunch and dinner in addition to the main course. We also offer soy nut butter and pasta as alternatives for children who are looking for a different choice.

We believe strongly that a food allergy should not be a barrier to enjoying camp. We currently serve campers with wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, fish and nut allergies.

Everyone is welcome at camp. We do not make any assumptions about a child’s religious background and make sure that all children feel comfortable and included.

Berkshire Hills is a values based Jewish Camp that is looking for your child to be a blessing rather than learn a blessing. Every Friday night, we have a great Shabbat dinner where we sing and say blessings over the Shabbat Candles, Grape Juice and Challah Bread. When we say blessings, we are asking campers to think about gratitude and being grateful for what they have. After Friday dinner, the entire camp comes together for an Oneg which is a fun camp skit that reflects on one of our eight core values. On Saturday morning, all campers and staff take part in fun Tikkun Olam/Community Service projects that get them thinking about how they can make the world a better place. The rest of Saturday is a regular schedule until Saturday evening when we end Shabbat with the four Havdallah Blessings (candles, fire, spices and the new week) and singing while the sun sets over our lake.

Berkshire Hills serves Kosher food to make everyone feel welcome at camp.

Many children start by signing up for one session and extend their stay into the full summer. If you think your family might wish to do this, let us know so we can tell you if we think that will be possible in your child’s age group.

Our photographer posts photos on a secure website for parents to enjoy. The photos will give you a sense of the day at camp, but won’t let you know exactly what your child’s day is like.

Yes! We offer two visiting days, one per each three and a half week session. Our 2024 dates will be Sunday, July 14th and Sunday, August 4th.

Berkshire Hills offers some need based financial assistance. To apply for assistance, please fill out the scholarship form and submit the requested supporting documents. We will review your application and let you know the extent that we can help.

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