Community Service – Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam, the concept of repairing the world through community service, is an important element of the Berkshire Hills’ experience. Every Saturday morning all campers and staff take part in fun, age appropriate community service projects. Past projects include making bookshelves for victims of natural disasters, creating game books for children in the hospital, and preparing bagged lunches for the less fortunate.

Some projects have been more interactive with a particular community or have taken our campers to a location offsite. Our campers have participated in activities with the Senior Citizens in our Senior Program on the other side of the lake. Campers have also gone to help maintain Taconic State Park and assist special needs campers at Camp Anne down the road. They also created dog/cat toys and biscuits which campers then delivered to a local shelter.

During Tikkun Olam, the goal is for our campers and staff to think of themselves as part of a larger community. We want each person to think of others and how each of us can play a role in giving back. We hope that they then carry this lesson into their daily lives outside of Berkshire Hills.

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