2024 Session Highlights

June 27th to July 8th – Italian Adventure

Buongiorno, young chefs! Get ready to whisk away on a delectable journey through the heart of
Italy, all from our fun-filled culinary camp! This summer, we’re rolling up our sleeves to dive into
the vibrant world of Italian cuisine. From mastering the twisty-turny art of making fresh pasta to
baking a supremely scrumptious Tiramisu, our camp will explore Italy one delicious dish at a
time! Guided by chefs, campers will learn not only the secrets behind classic Italian recipes but
also fascinating tales of Italy’s rich food heritage. It’s not just a camp; it’s a passport to a world
where cooking and adventure melt together in a pot full of fun, skills, and lifelong memories- an
Italian culinary adventure awaits!

Kitchen Lab:Bakery Lab:
Vegetable LasagnaFocaccia with Rosemary & Olives
Eggplant ParmigianaTiramisu
Minestrone SoupCannoli with Ricotta Filling
Gnocchi with Pesto SauceBiscotti
MatbuchaJewish Italian Olive Oil Cake

July 9th to July 21st – Mexican Fiesta

In App 2 we’ll spice up our summer in the “Mexican Fiesta” culinary camp, where flavors burst
like fireworks and every day is a celebration! Embark on a tasty adventure exploring the colorful
world of Mexican cuisine, from crafting the perfect guacamole to rolling enchiladas. Guided by
our expert chefs, campers will explore the bold and vibrant tastes of Mexico, learning about its
rich culinary traditions, and even picking up a few Spanish words along the way. Get ready to
shake up your summer with a fiesta of flavors and fun!

Kitchen Lab:Bakery Lab:
Vegetarian Tamale PieChurros with Chocolate Sauce
Chiles RellenosTres Leches Cake
Mexican Tortilla SoupConchas (Sweet Bread)
Guacamole and SalsaSopapillas
Vegetarian PozoleFlan
Veggie & "Seafood" Ceviche (using hearts of palm instead of fish)Rugelach with Cinnamon and Mexican Chocolate

July 22nd to August 2nd – Mediterranean Medley

Join us on a sun-kissed journey with the “Mediterranean Medley” culinary camp this summer!
Budding Chefs will sail through the magnificent world of Mediterranean cuisine, exploring
delicious dishes from the coasts of Spain, the olive groves of Greece, and the aromatic kitchens
of Lebanon. Learn to make falafel, tzatziki, and so much more as we explore this region known
for its fresh, flavorful, and colorful food. This culinary adventure will not only sharpen your
cooking skills but also weave stories of faraway lands and their rich, flavorful heritages!

Kitchen Lab:Bakery Lab:
Falafel with TahiniBaklava
SpanakopitaOlive & Herb Focaccia
Vegetable MoussakaLoukoumades
Greek SaladPita Bread
Tzatziki & HummusMediterranean Olive Oil Cake
Israeli SaladBorekas with Various Fillings

August 2nd to August 14th – American Classics

We’ll close out the summer cooking up a storm with the “American Classics”! In this final session of summer, we’re turning the heat up on the classics, from BBQ to creamy mac n’ cheese, and yes, even a sweet apple pie! This session is your ticket to explore the diverse and delectable world of American cuisine, exploring recipes that have delighted generations. Guided by our seasoned chefs, campers will explore various cooking techniques, uncover the histories of these beloved dishes, and learn how to put their own creative spin on each recipe. Get ready to cook, create, and celebrate the flavors of America!

Kitchen Lab:Bakery Lab:
BBQ Chicken with Homemade FriesApple Pies
Pot PiesBrownies
Mac n' CheeseMuffins
Classic ColeslawCornbread
Grilled Vegetable Skewers with BBQ GlazeChocolate Chip Cookies
Matzo Ball SoupMandelbrot