2022 Session Highlights

June 26th to July 7th

Sunday, June 26
Welcome & Orientation
Monday, June 27Nonna's Kitchen: Fresh Pastas & Small Desserts
Tuesday, June 28Knives Out: Soups and Salads
Wednesday, June 29Make Your Own Ice Cream Pool Party
Thursday, June 30Farm Harvest & Shabbat Prep
Friday, July 1Savory Technique: Shabbat Foods & Creating a Tablescape
Saturday, July 2Gassing Up: Preparing Foods with Nitrous Oxide
Sunday, July 3Sunday Brunch & Breads
Monday, July 4Carnival & Outdoor Cooking
Tuesday, July 5Cake Shop Skills & Master Chef Jr.
Wednesday, July 6Trip to Zoom Flume Waterpark
Thursday, July 7Breakfast Foods & App 1 Departure

July 8th to July 20th

Friday, July 8Welcome to App 2 & Bubbie's Kitchen: Challah, Rugelach...
Saturday, July 9Sushi Making
Sunday, July 10Multicooker Meals & Desserts
Monday. July 11Stir Frying & Science of Cookies

Tuesday, July 12Pasta & Pizza & Salads
Wednesday. July 13Trip to Cake Shop!
Thursday, July 14Farm Harvest & Nailed it!
Friday, July 15Shabbat Cooking
Saturday, July 16No Bake Desserts
Sunday, July 17Sunday Brunch & Camper-Counselor Iron Chef
Monday, July 18Blueberry Picking & Ice Cream
Tuesday, July 19Sourdough Breads & Banquet
Wednesday, July 20App 2 Departure & Movie Night for Continuing Campers

July 21st to August 1st

Thursday, July 21Welcome & Campfire Cooking
Friday, July 22Shabbat Cooking & Challah
Saturday, July 23Sushi Making
Sunday, July 24Cheesemaking & Comfort Foods
Monday, July 25Flavors of Central & South America
Tuesday, July 26Ice Cream Tour of Hudson Valley
Wednesday, July 27Cupcakes & Buttercream
Thursday, July 28Farm Harvest & Loving Vegetables
Friday, July 29Shabbat Cooking
Saturday, July 30Fruit Art: Carving and Garnishing
Sunday, July 31Visiting Day Brunch & Chopped!
Monday, August 1App 3 Departure & French Pastry for Continuing Campers

August 2nd to August 14th

Tuesday, August 2Welcome & Copycat Girl Scout Cookies
Wednesday, August 3Guest Instructor: Chocolate Making
Thursday, August 4Farm Harvest & Menu Planning
Friday, August 5Shabbat Cooking
Saturday, August 6What Can We Put in Liquid Nitrogen?
Sunday, August 7Sunday Grilling
Monday, August 8Trip to Bread Bakery & Bread Making
Tuesday, August 9Short on Time: Quick Meals and Desserts
Wednesday, August 10Trip to Patisserie & Pastry Technique
Thursday, August 11Pasta Dinners
Friday, August 12Breakfast Cook Off & Challah Making
Saturday, August 13Sushi Making
Sunday, August 14See you in 2023!