Session Highlights

June 25 to July 6

Friday, June 25Welcome & Marshmallow Making
Saturday, June 26Guest Instructor: Fruit Carving & Platter Design
Sunday, June 27Campfire Cooking: S'Mores!
Monday, June 28Heirloom Vegetables & Heritage Chicken: Taste the Difference
Tuesday, June 29Strawberry Picking at Thompson Finch Farm: Strawberry Desserts
Wednesday, June 30Preserving the Harvest: Jams and Pickles
Thursday, July 1European Patisserie
Friday, July 2Jewish Deli
Saturday, July 3Hosting a Shabbat Meal
Sunday, July 4From the Pasture: Pasture Raised Meats
Monday, July 5Preparing our Feast: Culinary Camp Banquet
Tuesday, July 6Carnival Foods for Continuing Campers

July 7 to July 18

Wednesday, July 7Welcome to App 2: Summer Berry Creme Brulee
Thursday, July 8Guest Instructor: American Bakeshop
Friday, July 9Let 'Em Live: Plant Based Foods
Saturday, July 10Hosting a Shabbat Meal
Sunday. July 11Visiting Day & Pick Your Recipe: Cookies

Monday, July 12Trip to Shunpike Dairy & Ice Cream Making
Tuesday. July 13Out of the Sea and onto the Grill
Wednesday, July 14Zen Sweets: Japanese Desserts
Thursday, July 15Updated Ashkinazi Cuisine: Guest Chef Jeffery Yoskowitz
Friday, July 16Not Your Everyday Fare: Special Occasion Meals
Saturday, July 17Take it Out: Packing a Picnic
Sunday, July 18Foods of the Roman Ghetto

July 19 to July 30

Monday, July 19The Breakfast Bakery
Tuesday, July 20Middle Eastern Mezze
Wednesday, July 21Cake Shop
Thursday, July 22A Day at the Butcher with Grow and Behold
Friday, July 23The Shabbat Table
Saturday, July 24Raw Desserts for Hot Summer Days
Sunday, July 25Trip to the Adamah Farm
Monday, July 26From the Dirt: Cooking the Farm Bounty
Tuesday, July 27Make Your Own Candy
Wednesday, July 28Easy Does It: Gentle Cooking Techniques
Thursday, July 29Low and Slow: Braise, Smoke, Sous Vide
Friday, July 30Haute Desserts

July 30 to August 11

Saturday, July 31Get the Party Started: Hors d'oeuvres
Sunday, August 1Fruit of the Woods: Wild Edibles
Monday, August 2Ice Cream Shop Trip & Ice Cream Making
Tuesday, August 3Charred: High Heat Cooking
Wednesday, August 4Middle Eastern Desserts
Thursday, August 5Pasta Day: Fresh & Dried Pasta Recipes
Friday, August 6Divide and Conquer: Organizing Your Meal Prep
Saturday, August 7Choose Your Adventure: Building Salads
Sunday, August 8Prepare a Feast: Culinary Camp Banquet
Monday, August 9Cheesecakes and More: Baked Custards
Tuesday, August 10Short on Time: Quick Meals and Desserts
Wednesday, August 11See You Next Summer!