Session Highlights

June 26 to July 8

Wednesday, June 26Welcome!
Thursday, June 27Baking Like a Jewish Grandma
Friday, June 28Strawberry Picking and Great Strawberry Cookoff
Saturday, June 29Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, June 30Breakfast Favorites!
Monday, July 1Chillin' and Grillin'
Tuesday, July 2Chef Eitan Bernath Visits!!!
Wednesday, July 3Hawthorne Valley Farm Trip and a Day of Dairy Cooking
Thursday, July 4Kitchen Voyage: Destination Italy
Friday, July 5Stuffed Foods from Everywhere
Saturday, July 6Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, July 7Kitchen Voyage: Destination Africa
Evening: Iron Chef Challenge
Monday, July 8Cakes for Continuing Campers

July 9 to July 21

Tuesday, July 9Summer Snacks and Hors D'Oevres
Wednesday, July 10I Scream, You Scream: Trip to Soco and Ice Cream Making Challenge
Thursday, July 11Designing the Perfect Picnic
Friday, July 12Sweet Baking
Saturday, July 13Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, July 14Meat, Meat, and More Meat
Monday, July 15Smoking Meat
Tuesday, July 16Kitchen Time Machine: Wayback to Rome
Wednesday, July 17Berkshire Mountain Bakery Trip followed by Bread Making
Thursday, July 18Bread Making Part 2
Evening: Berkshire Hills Chopped
Friday, July 19Kitchen Voyage: Destination Syria
Saturday, July 20Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, July 21Baking with Chocolate for Continuing Campers

July 22 to August 2

Monday, July 22Who Needs the Canteen? Homemade Candy Bars
Tuesday, July 23Today I am a Pastry Chef
Wednesday, July 24Garde Manger
Thursday, July 25Culinary Institute Trip
Friday, July 26Hand Rolled Bagels
Saturday, July 27Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, July 28Cakes
Monday, July 29 Trip to Adamah: Preserve the Bounty Cheesemaking, Jamming, and Pickling
Tuesday, July 30Berkshire Hills Pasta Throwdown
Wednesday, July 31Kitchen Voyage: Destination India
Evening: Cook a Banquet
Thursday, August 1Sweet Bakery
Friday, August 2Delicious Egg Based Desserts for Continuing Campers (GF)

August 2 to August 14

Friday, August 2Delicious Egg Based Desserts for Continuing Campers (GF)
Saturday, August 3Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, August 4Molecular Gastronomy (GF)
Monday, August 5Kitchen Voyage: Destination Ethiopia (GF)
Tuesday, August 6Brunch Anyone? (GF)
Evening: Culinary Olympics (GF)
Wednesday, August 7Trip to a Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Making (GF)
Thursday, August 8Outdoor Cooking (GF)
Friday, August 9Kitchen Voyage: Destination Israel (GF)
Saturday, August 10Culinary Tikkun Olam
Sunday, August 11Blueberry picking at Love Apple Farm and Blueberry Day (GF)
Monday, August 12Kitchen Voyage: Destination Japan (GF)
Tuesday, August 13Confections a.k.a. Candy Making (GF)
Wednesday, August 14See you next summer!