Berkshire Hills Values

Our top priority is to create a safe, supportive and loving environment for every child. Berkshire Hills campers thrive as a result. At Berkshire Hills, we use the lens of Jewish teaching and the experience of group living to build a strong community that reflects traditional Jewish values.

While we use Jewish language to talk about these values, we believe strongly that every child – regardless of their religion or background – benefits from learning about Integrity (Yosher), Respect (Kavod), Repairing the World (Tikun Olam), Joy (Simcha), Acts of Loving Kindness (Gemilute Chasadim), Nature (Teva), Spirit (Ruach), and Connection to Friends (Divikute Chaverim).

Therefore, we welcome all children, Jewish and non- Jewish, with open arms.

Like all learning at camp, these values are not taught in a classroom – but in the Culinary Center, around campfires, on farm trips and everyday in bunk life. In this way, campers not only learn about these values – they live them.