Getting Ready for Camp

***Please read this page carefully as information is different from previous years due to COVID-19***

Pre-Camp and Arrival

Low Risk Pre-Camp Behaviors

Campers and staff must participate in only low risk behaviors for at least 10 to 14 days prior to camp. Low risk behaviors are those that can be done outdoors and/or with masking and physical distancing. Campers and staff should only be unmasked with immediate household family members during this time, specifically not eating in restaurants or other eating venues with individuals outside their family unit. Gatherings of groups outside the family household are not recommended; this includes weddings, graduations, religious gatherings, parties and playdates. Attending school, where masking and distancing is diligently employed, has not been shown to increase risk of COVID-19 and may be considered a low-risk behavior during this time. Campers and staff are encouraged to discuss their pre-camp plans with us should there be a question.


In addition to engaging in only low risk behaviors, every camper who is not fully vaccinated will be required to take a PCR test that is swabbed 72 hours  prior to the start of camp. Proof of a negative result must be brought with you on the first day of camp. Upon arrival, campers who are not fully vaccinated will also receive a rapid test before joining their bunk group. Bunk groups will remain podded during the first week of their time at camp. On the 5th day of camp, campers will receive an additional PCR test and when those results are back we expect to expand cohorts further. Please make sure you have had a pre-camp tele-medicine visit with Diligent Urgent Care as they will be providing the in camp testing.

Transportation and Baggage

Fully vaccinated campers may take a bus to camp. Please go to the Parent Dashboard to reserve a spot on the bus and make sure you have also arranged for your child’s luggage to be brought up by the luggage service (info below) as no luggage is allowed on the bus.

For campers who are not fully vaccinated or anyone that does not want to take the bus, the arrival schedule is as follows:
10:00am: Rising Third and Fourth Graders
10:30am: Rising Fifth and Six Graders Graders
12:30pm: Rising Seventh and Eight Graders
1:45pm: Rising Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and all age Culinary Campers
2:30pm: All Vaccinated Campers not taking the bus (if your vaccinated camper has a younger sibling, drop them with their sibling)

Parents driving to camp can either bring luggage at drop off or have the option of shipping it ahead of time using Camp Trunk Delivery, our luggage transportation company. Camp Trunk Delivery will pick up your luggage from your house. The cost for a round trip service is $115 for two pieces of luggage. There are added fees for additional luggage as well as for plastic drawers.

Camp Trunk Delivery Info & Registration


We have not succeeded at eliminating forms but with the Parent Dashboard, we have made the process easier. Most of our forms can be filled out and submitted directly online. The few things you need to print, fill out and submit can be uploaded using the Parent Dashboard or faxed to us at (646) 619-4488.

Start filling out your forms on the Parent Dashboard now or read about the forms below.

Health Forms

New York State requires us to have a lot of health information before your child arrives at camp. We need a Berkshire Hills 2021 Health Exam Form signed by you and your doctor. This form is also used to let us know which over the counter medication can be given to your child. In addition to the Health Exam form, we need you to complete the health history forms, a form about Sunscreen and Meningococcal, and we also need a front and back copy of your child’s insurance card.

The Health History, Suncreen and Meningococcal forms should be filled out online by you. You do not need a doctor to complete these forms and they are now online forms that will go directly into our medical database to be used by our medical staff. Please fill out these forms online and upload a copy of the front and back of your child’s insurance card as soon as possible but no later than April 30th.

The Health Exam Form must be filled out by your doctor based upon an exam in the last 12 months and must be signed by both you AND your doctor. We cannot give your child any over the counter medication (think even an aspirin) unless the form is filled out properly. Please return these forms by uploading them to the Parent Dashboard.

Since some of these forms are tricky, please complete them as early as possible so we can review them. If these forms are not properly completed, we will not be allowed to have your child at camp until they are corrected.

Trip Forms

Please stay tuned for more information regarding some fun that camp is in the process of planning for 2021! We are looking at ways to maintain our closed community while still taking an occasional adventure off property.


You can find packing lists for all our session lengths below. Please review them carefully both for what you should and should not send up to camp. We encourage you to involve your child in the packing process no matter how old or how young they are. Part of heading off to camp is being responsible for your stuff and it is hard to feel responsible if you don’t even know what stuff you brought with you. Many children also feel more secure about the transition to camp if they have been part of the packing process. Also please make sure you label everything (shoes, toothbrush, soap container, everything) with your child’s name (not just initials).

Packing lists:


In order for our Nurses to focus all of their attention on campers who need medical assistance and to make sure we are in compliance with medical regulations, we require all medication in pill form to be sent to camp via Pine Plains Pharmacy (also known as Good Neighbor Pharmacy). That includes prescription medications and any over the counter medications which are taken daily. Pine Plains Pharmacy takes your child’s medication and sends them to camp in labeled individual doses. Please have your doctor fill your prescription with Pine Plains Pharmacy at least 30 days prior to the start of your camper’s session and fill out the form below.

Pine Plains Pharmacy Registration

The Camp Health Center stocks over the counter medication like Tylenol, Advil and Benadryl. You will not need to order medication like this from Pine Plains Pharmacy (unless it is taken daily) and please do not send it with your child to camp as it cannot be stored in the bunk. Medication such as refrigerated medications, rescue inhalers and Epi-pens that must accompany campers or any medications like antibiotics that a camper has started just prior to the start of camp may be sent on the bus and handed directly to a bus counselor as long as you have notified the Camp Health Center.

Any other medications not listed above and not in pill form must be received at camp by Saturday, June 19th, so the health staff can be prepared for the start of camp. There will be a $150 charge – per medication – for any medication except refrigerated medications, rescue inhalers, Epi-pens and recently started medications like antibiotics that accompany a camper on the bus to camp.

Visiting Day and Phone Calls

Due to the Covid restrictions and to make sure everyone in our community remains healthy and safe, we will not be hosting Parent Visiting Days this summer.

In terms of phone calls home, campers will be calling home once per session. If your child will be remaining in camp full summer, there will be an additional call on Sunday, July 17th during our intersession. A schedule will be emailed notifying you of the day and time that you should expect the call based on your childs age group.


Back in the olden days, when I was little, you communicated with people at camp by letter. My older brother actually wrote me every day that I was at camp, and I still have all the letters he wrote in a drawer. You can now use an e-mail service to e-mail your child at camp. Click here to register for this service using the code that was emailed to you. Please contact Yvette at if you need any assistance.

We do NOT accept packages at camp. Please do not send any packages as they will be rejected and not received by your child. If your child is running out of something essential, you will receive a call from the Unit Head to discuss it with you.

Our Camp photographer also takes pictures most days at camp, and posts them in our Photo Gallery.  Login to the Parent Dashboard to view these photos.  Please look at these photos to get a general sense of the camp day, and not to track your child’s progress at camp.

Camp also posts updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.